Areas of expertise

Accounting & finance

Are you looking for finance and accounting professionals who cherish a balanced set of books and strategic financial planning? We can help you recruit candidates with the skill and experience your team needs to help grow.

We’re finance and accounting specialists

Our recruiters are specialized in the finance and accounting roles they fill. Moreover, our training program is specific to finance and accounting. We’re committed to ensuring you’re always working with a specialist who is fully equipped to help you find your next star performer.

Call centre & customer service

The success of your business hinges on a customer satisfaction. That’s why we specialize in finding qualified customer service staff with the interpersonal skills your business needs to create positive customer experiences. Find out how Jobillus Plus can help you recruit professionals that can help you build aloyal customer base.

We understand your business:
We recognize that qualified and talented customer care representatives are critical to the success of your business. After all, happy and satisfied customers are returning customers, and returning customers are the foundation upon which successful businesses are built.

Using technology to your advantage:
In an age of hyper-connectivity, a friendly voice on the other end of the phone isn’t enough. Businesses need customer care representatives who are also extremely knowledgeable, and possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

We excel at what we do:
That’s why Jobillus plus’s recruiting experts excel in understanding your customers and their customer care needs. We’ll work closely with your business to profile candidates who are not only a match for the role, but contribute significantly to your organization as a whole.


Are you looking for engineers who can innovate and drive your business forward? Our staffing professionals are experts at finding employees with the technical skills it takes to help your organization identify the right candidates for the engineering career opportunities it has to offer.

We strive to drive innovation
Engineers drive growth and innovation across industries and the country. And for decades, Jobillus Plus has been catering to industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, consulting, and architecture. That’s why we know how to identify and attract the kind of engineering talent that’s a perfect fit for both your business and its industry.

We’re the market leaders in canada
As Canada’s leading provider of custom staffing and recruitment solutions for engineering and technical talent, Jobillus Plus works closely with its partners to understand their staffing needs and opportunities. When you meet with our engineering recruiters, your business will gain access to Canada’s top engineering talent.

Hospitality & events

Jobillus plus has been serving the hospitality industry for decades; assisting our clients in meeting their profit expectations through cost-effective recruitment programs that are tailored to find the right candidates. Jobillus plus is deemed as the “benchmark” of recruitment companies. We represent the “superstars”; of the present and the future in the hospitality industry.
“The sole purpose of a corporate partnership or strategic alliance is to formulate a WIN-WIN strategy for all parties involved.” Corporate partnerships and strategic alliance opportunities exist with Jobillus plus for companies that are directly involved within the hospitality industry.Jobillus Plus is comprised of talented hospitality recruiters who make it their business to stay well informed on current trends and practices. The accuracy of our judgement is proven by our enviable success rate. Almost always, our successful placements have remained throughout their contract period; many of them advancing to the top echelons of renowned corporations in the industry.

Human Resources

As Canada’s leading staffing provider, we know first-hand the value that talented human resource professionals bring. That’s why, at Jobillus Plus, we take special care in finding HR candidates who have the skill and expertise to support your workforce needs.

Our HR services:

Compensation consulting

Looking for an HR partner to help build your compensation structure from the ground up? Jobillus Plus is the HR partner you need.

  • ✔ develop a compensation structure
  • ✔ evaluate current salary structure
  • ✔ create long-term incentive programs
  • ✔ perform comparative analysis and benchmarking

HR consulting

As experts immersed in the HR industry, we provide in-depth consulting and support for all your HR functions, including:

  • ✔ strategic planning
  • ✔ succession planning
  • ✔ support managing your HR team
  • ✔ help manage complex HR situations
  • ✔ crisis management

Organizational development

Forward-thinking organizations are always looking to the future. If you’re investing in your organization’s future, Jobillus help.

  • ✔ develop your organizational structure
  • ✔ define roles and responsibilities
  • ✔ develop training, tools, and processes
  • ✔ create your employee handbook
  • ✔ design performance evaluations
  • ✔ create HR dashboards for your team
  • ✔ implement group insurance and retirement plans

HR outsourcing

If you don’t want or need an in-house HR team, HR outsourcing might be a good fit. Jobillus Plus can take on a full or partial HR support role on your behalf.

  • ✔ completely outsource your HR team
  • ✔ assume the role of HR manager
  • ✔ fill in for HR staff upon their departure from your organization

Talent acquisition

Any business will tell you that hiring the right talent is key to success. Jobillus Plus can assist with your talent attraction strategy.

  • ✔ develop a plan to attract talent
  • ✔ support your recruitment process
  • ✔ develop your employer brand
  • ✔ perform tests and evaluations

Creating HR departments

Founding a new HR team? As seasoned HR experts, we offer support and advice to guide you during this phase.

  • ✔ establish a new HR team
  • ✔ provide support to start-ups
  • ✔ search for and apply to grants on your behalf

Industrial & manufacturing

Industry is the backbone of our economy. Our industrial staffing experts will help your company scope out your recruiting needs, and attract talented people who are quick on their feet, reliable and work safely in physically demanding situations.

we understand the industrial sector
Industry is the backbone of our economy, and Jobillus Plus understands the value that a dedicated and qualified workforce brings to any industrial operation. That’s why our Industrial Support recruiting experts specialize in finding skilled and reliable workers to meet the specific needs of your business.

we know how to connect with the right talent
With the pace at which modern industry moves, finding the right talent has never been more important or challenging. It’s no longer just a question of having the proper technical skills and certifications, but also having an understanding of production cycles and being a good fit for the industry and its unique demands.

Information technology

We help innovative IT candidates stay ahead of the latest trends. Our IT recruiters specialize in placing candidates in roles that are perfectly suited for their technical skills..

We find the right IT talent-employer match

Your organization is ambitious and forward-thinking and deserves talent to match. Jobillus Plus connects you with driven, forward-thinking individuals who have the skills to make meaningful contributions to your company.

We’re experts in both new and emerging technologies

We’re devoted to providing better, more efficient candidate sourcing than any other recruitment company. Our expertise in all areas of the tech and IT landscape are essential to sourcing talent that will shape your business and help you create and innovate. From established tech roles such as software developers and data analysts, to specialists in emerging technologies such as mobile development, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, social media, and cloud computing, our team is plugged into a diverse array of tech talent.

We excel at helping you make connections

We connect you with dynamic IT professionals with the skills, experience and drive you’re looking for. From permanent hires that shape your business, to skilled contractors to assist with key projects, Jobillus Plus delivers the tailored IT recruitment your organization needs to stay on the cutting-edge. When your business is flourishing, we know we’ve done our job right.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are key to driving growth. That’s why we’re committed to aligning sales and marketing professionals with job opportunities that reflect their drive and ambition.

Whether your business takes you next door or across the country, Jobillus Plus offers the geographic reach you demand with the cost-effective, proven solutions for point-of-contact services you need for successful merchandising and marketing programs.

Talent where and when you need it

We deliver qualified personnel with the aptitude to perform immediately in your unique work setting—covering a full range of merchandising and marketing disciplines, service positions, events, and program expertise. We source and hire new employees each year to support marketing and merchandising operations.

A model for managing program success
Jobillus Plus is distinguished by our unique three-pronged approach to program management, delivering competitive advantage to your business through a branch network with the reach to effectively mobilize multi-site national efforts. Our model features a sales team to identify your basic program outline, and can include an implementation team as well as a service team to ensure day-to-day seamless project management.

Office, Clerical & Administrative

We understand the importance administrative staff play in helping you keep everything on track. We excel at helping find administrative staff who will embrace your company culture and opportunities. We don’t just find candidates with the right qualifications, we find candidates who are the right fit for your business.

We understand how successful businesses are built

A strong foundation starts with strong administrative support. We appreciate how administrative roles have evolved beyond mere clerical support to include negotiating with suppliers, purchasing, supporting sales staff, managing employees, and invoicing clients. We excel in recruiting qualified candidates with the right skills and personality.

We’re growth minded and contribute to your bottom line

As your business grows, it needs people who contribute to both your culture and your bottom line. That’s why we take the time to understand your business and your industry. Our recruitment experts work with your business’s leaders to find the best possible administrative talent to help you reach your business goals.

Professional & executive

At Jobillus Plus, we are in the business of helping establish right-fit people strategies to recruit and retain skilled, qualified, and high-performing individuals.]
Jobillus Plus, an independently owned recruitment consulting business has been go-to source for professional and executive recruitment as well as people strategy services. Our team of expert consultants has the experience and know-how to take your business or career to the next level. We do this by applying our unique, relationship-based approach to recruitment and people strategies.

Our community-mindedness, along with our combined experience and extensive Canada-wide networks, is what separates Jobillus from the competition. Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through the professional or executive search process and people strategies planning from start to finish.

Skilled trades

Does your business depend on skilled tradespeople to support its operations and deliver superior products? Jobillus Plus’s staffing professionals can help you maintain the level of expertise that your business depends on to succeed. Find out today how our recruiting experts can help you find the most qualified and talented skilled tradespeople in the marketplace.

We understand the value skilled tradespeople bring

Jobillus Plus understands the importance of attracting qualified and experienced skilled tradespeople. We know how the right industrial professionals with the right experience and skills are the linchpins of any operation and contribute to help you deliver superior products. But we also know how challenging it can be to find the right candidates for your business.

We get to know your business and your needs

Our recruiting experts work closely with you to understand your unique business and staffing needs and attract candidates that will drive growth. We work with your leaders to identify business needs, define staffing priorities, and then recruit skilled trade and industrial talent that’s a fit for both the job and your organization’s culture. So whether you’re seeking seasoned tradespeople or experienced managers we can help you attract the talent you need.


Jobillus Plus offers the recruitment of candidates in the transportation. Our team of expert consultants, skilled and knowledgeable regarding the particularities of this field and its laws and regulations, are here to serve you.

We offer a thorough pre-screening of the candidate’s qualifications, such as: employment records, criminal background check, references, and diploma verification. We also validate driving records and the driver’s abilities and techniques. We make the candidates undergo a driver’s test, a practical examination on geography, and mechanical inspections (VAD), and we offer certification for the transportation of dangerous goods. You can be assured of the quality of the candidates referred to you by our team.

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