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In Jobillus Plus get the resume and support that gets you hired.

Our expert resume writers know what recruiters look for.

You'll love our resume writers

Our resume writers know how to write resumes that stand-out in every field. They've studied the best fonts, formats and keywords to clearly communicate value. They are also friendly, personable and easy-to-reach!

A strategic job search plan

If you need more than just a resume and cover letter, we can work with you to plan your career. You know what you want and we can help you get there.

You won't recognize yourself on paper

Once your new resume is finished, you won't believe your eyes. Finally, your value will be communicated in a clear format with all your skills and accomplishments displayed in a way that will make an employer stop and take notice.

Jobillus Plus Employment Connections

Jobillus Plus provides support to job seekers who have legal status to work in Canada.

Our  program can help you prepare for your job search

Jobillus Plus Employment Connections program is a free program that offers services to prepare job seekers for the job market as they prepare.

The program assumes a sector-focused approach, examining in-demand jobs across differents  sectors and the skills required to land these roles.

Apply with Jobillus Plus Benefits

  • Prepare for your job search.
  • Build connections with Jobillus Plus vast network of employers.
  • Connect to potential job opportunities.
  • Receive employment support.
  • Receive one-to-one coaching from an employment consultant experienced in your sector

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