Temp work

Temp to perm

One great advantage in working for a temporary agency is that you can start out working temporary but end up working permanently. Keep in mind that you will need to prove your ability to deliver excellent work results before an employer will consider hiring you permanently.

Learn new skills

Another advantage in working for a temp agency is that you will have an opportunity to learn new skillsand you can add your newly acquired skills to your resume.

Earn while looking for permanent work

You can still look for a permanent job while you are yet working for the agency and earning wages. Bear in mind that you are working on a temporary basis and you should continue to actively look for a suitable job opportunity while you are in between jobs.

Showcase your talents

Working temporary for various companies will give you the opportunity to showcase your remarkable talents.  You just might have the skills and expertise that is needed to help a company that you are temping for achieve its goals.  The employer might see you as a valuable asset to the company and could offer you a permanent position should an opening become available.

Include work experience on your resume

When you have worked with the temp agency for six months or more you can list this as work experience in your resume as to justify employment gaps in your work history. Be sure to list your major accomplishments and core skills that you acquired while working for the agency.

Networking opportunity

This is an excellent time in which to network with other individuals who share the same career interest as you.  Perhaps they can give you some advice as to how you can land a job with the company they are employed with or advise you of other career opportunities elsewhere.

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